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By chocolate lovers, for chocolate lovers.

Single minded commitment to the environment & devotion to the craft

We are a small batch tree to bar chocolate maker with a commitment to the flavors unique to the #MalaysianSingleOrigin. Making good chocolate while doing good is important to us, that's why we are forging a sustainable relationship with our land and also empowering our community of growers.

I am Ning, farmer, chocolate maker, flavor fanatic.


What's in the Kitchen

We celebrate the beautiful cacao of Malaysian origin!

To share this joy, we are vested in each process starting from the farm to placing our chocolates in your hands.

We want to match you with the right chocolate for your unique occasion or tasting from a collection that is current and thoughtful. If you have a chocolate urge that is not satisfied through our existing offering, we will create a bespoked recipe for you with a low minimum order.

Small Batch, Big Flavors

The chocolates are freshly crafted within days and made locally. This is key because nuts, fruits or dairy components taste the best when they are fresh.

Our chocolates are made with cacao beans that are traceable, environmentally sensitive, and sustainable.

We encourage you to drop by with your own take-home boxes to be filled with our chocolates, taking steps towards #zerowaste.

Returning to the Roots

Ask us about each chocolate's bean origin and our bean to bar process. For us, bean origin is the starting point of any chocolate dialogue. Discover each unique origin here.

Share the Moment

Chocolate is meant to be shared, that's why we make our packaging easy to hold and to pass around. We hold frequent tasting sessions at various locations.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Not satisfied with the chocolates you have just bought? We will honor your feedback with any exchange.

Chocolate Collection

Filling Filling

Seasonal Bon Bons

With Soft Filling

These polished pieces of jewels are filled with surprises in an evolving offering of flavors.

*5 points perceived sweetness.


Onde Onde *5
Sweet Laksa *4
Cendol *4
Teh Tarik *3
Mango Django *3
Creamy Coconut *3
Durian Bomb *2


Double Shot Cappuccino *2
Salted Caramel in Dark *3
Hand Piped Milk Truffle *4
Semai Origin Dark Truffle *1
White Truffle *5
Milk Truffle *3
Dark Truffle *2


Pistachio *3
Cherry & Cranberry *3
Blushing Geisha Raspberry Wasabi *3

Ganache Ganache

Sugar-Free Bon Bons

Guilt-Free Indulgence

These offerings use either a 100% dark chocolate or a perceived 70% dark chocolate with maltitol as a sugar replacer.

*5 points perceived sweetness.

Sugar Free Dark *3
Hand Piped Truffle
Contains Maltitol

Bullet Proof *2
Espresso, Butter, Coconut Oil
100% Dark Chocolate Shell

Pandan Macadamia *1
with Yoghurt and Butter
100% Dark Chocolate Shell

Bars & Buttons Bars & Buttons

Chocolate Bars

Character & Profile

Hand crafted bars of single origin chocolate presented pure or with inclusions.
For a degustation journey, sample our collection of Malaysian single origin bars.
Custom flavor bars are available upon request with the minimum order of 2 bars.

*5 points perceived sweetness.

Semai 50%with Coconut *4
Toasted coconut, black pepper, coconut 'milk' chocolate

Semai 50% *4
Coconut 'milk' chocolate

Semai 65% with Nibs *3
Dark chocolate with Nibs

Semai 100% *0

Sugar Free Blended 90% *0

Semai 80% *1

Semai 72% *2

Cheroh 70% *2

Temuan 70% *2

Hulu Gali 70% *2

Merdeka 70% *2
Tras, Malaysia origin

Damak 72% *2
Limited edition

Batang Kali 70% *2
Unroasted cocoa

Semai 70% with Turmeric *2

Macarons Macarons

Brittles & Barks

Tasting is Believing

Our brittles are a pleasing combination of chocolate, nuts, dried fruits and flavor infusions.

Each piece is carefully hand crafted for presentation and to ensure generous distribution of nuts or dried fruits.

*5 points perceived sweetness.

Hazelnut 70% Origin Dark *2

Macadamia 60% Origin Dark *3

Orange Reduction 60% Origin Dark *3

Pecan in Caramel Dark Chocolate *3

Hazelnut Milk *4

Macadamia Milk *4

Hazelnut Sugar Free Dark *2

Macadamia Sugar Free Dark *2

6pc Box #MalaysianSingleOrigin Chocolate Gift Set Fancy

The Six-Piece Box

work2 #MalaysianSingleOrigin Chocolate Gift Set

Picnic with Cocoa

work3 #MalaysianSingleOrigin hot chocolate truffle bonbon cafe

Coffee for Two

chocolate is the answer

Purchase at our counter

Bangsar Shopping Centre

012 528 2562



Hello, if you want to make an order, kindly drop me an "old school" email.

Enjoy free shipping with orders above RM120 within 12km from KL city centre (KLCC), and RM1/km beyond.

If you require shipment to the other states in Malaysia, kindly specify the delivery address in your inquiry.

My team and I want to make sure that you receive your chocolates in the best possible condition.


I can also be reached at ning@chocconcierge.com

Featured in

"Ning, who describes himself as a chocolate maker, has created a variety of signature chocolates but his various Malaysian Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bars are a favourite for many." The Sun Daily
"Ning’s intellectual interest in the science of chocolate is matched only by his emotional attachment to nature." Tatler
"...unique, delicious creations of east and west flavours that still represent Malaysia." The Prima Donna Life
Breaking Bread, the show on Food and Culture on BFM radio
"Creates flavors based on popular Malaysian nibbles such as tangy asam laksa, onde onde, and cendol that appeal to the Malaysian palate." Bloomberg
"Meet the Rising Malaysian Chocolatier" The Edge
"Each bar is a representation of the village’s distinct terroir." First Classe
"... frankly quite delicious." Salt Asia
Oriental Daily 東方日報
The Peak Publication
Focus Malaysia Business Weekly
"...purchased an entire farm to have complete control over its products from tree to bar." Michelin Guide
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