Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Product Details and Customization

  • Q1: Why do you call your chocolate bars origin bars?

    We make each chocolate bar from cacao beans that are grown from a single origin, without blending. This celebrates the unique character of each origin. We're transparent in our sourcing, which allows chocolate lovers to appreciate the distinct flavors from different Malaysian regions.
  • Q2: What’s the % of cocoa in each of the Bon Bon and brittles?

    Most of our cocoa %, if not stated, is 60% for dark.
  • Q3: Can I order customised chocolates?

    Yes! Send us your thoughts, and we'll create it for you. We also offer a discovery process to guide you through the possibilities. We promise low minimum quantities and no extra costs for customization above retail pricing.
  • Q4: How long can the chocolate last?

    Chocolates with soft filling last about 3 months from manufacturing, while solid brittles and bars have an 18-month shelf life.

Storage and Transport

  • Q1: Will the chocolate melt?

    Yes, unless transported and stored in temperatures below 20°C. Between 20°C to 24°C, chocolate will soften, but if exposed for less than 3 hours, it's generally still acceptable once it is cooled to below 20°C.
  • Q2: How should I store my chocolate?

    Ideally, store at 16-18°C, similar to a wine cellar. Alternatively, keep it in an airtight bag or container in the fridge between 0-5°C. If refrigerated, allow the chocolate to acclimatize to room temperature before opening the bag or container to prevent surface condensation, which causes the chocolate to form a powdery surface called 'bloom'.
  • Q3: How should I transport the chocolate?

    Handle it like you would with ice cream, but note that chocolate is less sensitive. It's best kept at all times in an air-conditioned environment. If travelling by land transport, avoid leaving it in the car when the air conditioning is turned off.
  • Q4: What if I’m flying?

    If flying out of KL during the day, between 9am and 8pm, we recommend hand-carrying the chocolates. Otherwise, checking them in is acceptable if your destination isn't hotter than 24°C.

Ingredients and Dietary Concerns

  • Q1: Are cocoa beans for direct consumption available?

    Yes, we offer lightly roasted cocoa beans, which can be enjoyed similarly to peanuts.
  • Q2: Do you sell ingredients to make hot chocolate beverage?

    Yes, we offer chocolate ‘shards’.
  • Q3: What does the % mean on a chocolate label?

    The percentage indicates the total cocoa content, which can include cocoa nibs, cocoa butter, or powder. Our chocolate bars are made primarily with cocoa nibs and possibly butter, with the remainder often being cane sugar.
  • Q4: Does your chocolate contain soy?

    Not directly, however, we operate in a facility where soy may be present from the mills that produce some of our other ingredients. Please note the ingredient list of our products, the source of our lecithin is soy.
  • Q5: Are there chocolates for vegans?

    Our dark chocolate bars and brittles are vegan. We also offer coconut ‘milk’ bars without dairy. For specific dietary needs, please consult with our staff.
  • Q6: Are your chocolates Halal?

    Yes. Our kitchen is halal certified and also vegetarian.
  • Q7: Allergen concerns?

    While our kitchen is vegetarian, and some chocolates are vegan or gluten-free, please note that our facility has potential allergens like flour, dairy, nuts, and sesame.