Temuan 70% Dark

The name Temuan comes from the word temu, meaning a crossroad, a meeting of paths, or a plateau where mountains meet. The Temuans are one of the three largest indigenous communities in Peninsular Malaysia. To make this chocolate, we work with several settlements, each consisting of about thirty close-knit families.

Cacao grown and harvested by the Temuan community in Pahang was the first to convince me of the flavor potential of the Malaysian origin. The harvesting window for this origin is rather narrow, while some years not producing any at all. In 2017, through a CSR program, we have assisted in planting thousands more cacao trees without clearing taller trees in the interest of preserving biodiversity.

Each harvest from this origin is precious, while flavors flow abundantly. Meet this chocolate with an open heart.

Chocolate flavors here exhibit dry spices cardamom and cloves, red rose, walnut, and toasted coconut.

Gluten free.

Contains cocoa, cane sugar, cocoa butter.

18 months shelf life from manufacturing. 
Plastic-free packaging.
Perceived sweetness 2/5.
Weight: 50g

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