Chemor 65% Dark with Nibs

Early in 2020 we visited a cocoa growth North of Ipoh with MYSI* researchers to develop nouveau fermentation methods that would make chocolates that are healthier and more flavorful. Typically, cocoa fermentation takes between five to seven days, but in results recently published in the Journal of The Science of Food and Agriculture**, we found a way to ferment for as short as three days, while using cocoa harvested earlier; yet producing more phenolic content, antioxidant and epicatechin, each with added health benefits. Notably, the chocolate acquired rich and deep yet clean flavors that impressed our tasting panels.

* Malaysia Social Innovation program under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

**Impacts of cocoa pod maturity at harvest and bean fermentation period on the production of chocolate with potential health benefits

Yei-Kheng Tee, Khairul Bariah, Badrul Hisyam Zainudin, Kian-Chee Samuel Yap, Ning-Geng Ong
First published: 17 August 2021

Chocolate flavors here exhibit tropical fruits, toffee, and a delicate woody finish.

Vegan, gluten free, dairy free.

Contains cocoa, cane sugar, and cocoa butter.

18 months shelf life from manufacturing. 
Plastic-free packaging.
Perceived sweetness 2/5.
Weight: 50g