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By chocolate lovers, for chocolate lovers.

Single minded commitment to the environment & devotion to the craft

Any conversation about chocolate must begin with cacao, the living, breathing trees that give us fruits full of cacao beans. This is an exciting time for chocolate lovers as today there are ever more craft chocolate makers and chocolatiers. And the interest about growing region, fermentation, drying, verietal, and roasting is unprecedented. These are the things that make chocolate great! In that regard, we want to practice good stewardship in the way we operate, from forging a healthy relationship with the growers, to treating our trees with respect. Because it is my hope that this care will show in that first bite of chocolate.

This is a match making service for chocolate lovers. We have been featured in the Michelin food guide as a rising chocolatier. Write us below to get in touch about anything cacao, chocolate, tea or coffee.

I am Ning, farmer, chocolate maker, flavor fanatic.


Why Choose Us

We care about bean origin. Plus, we are vested in each process that leads up to placing our chocolates in your hands.

Our concierge service aims to match you with the right chocolate for your unique occasion from a collection that is thoughtfully curated.

If you have a chocolate urge that is not satisfied through our existing offering, we will custom make it for you with a low minimum order.

Fresh is King

The chocolates are freshly crafted within days and made locally. This is key because nuts, fruits or dairy components taste the best especially when they are fresh.

Our chocolates are traceable, environmentally sensitive, and sustainable. Return with our empty chocolate box for a refill and just pay for the chocolates.

Returning to the Roots

Ask us about each chocolate's bean origin, and our bean to bar process. For us, bean origin is the starting point of any chocolate dialogue.

Share the Moment

Chocolate is meant to be shared, that's why we make our packaging easy to hold and to pass around. We hold monthly tasting sessions at various locations.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Not satisfied with the chocolates you have just bought? We will honor your feedback with any exchange.

Chocolate Collection

Filling Filling

Soft Filling

Morsels of Pleasure

These polished pieces of jewels are filled with surprises in an evolving offering of flavors.
*5 points perceived sweetness rating.

Double Shot Cappuccino *2
Strawberry Shrub *3
Mango Django *3
Cherry & Cranberry *2
Raspberry Wasabi *2

Pistachio Milk Choc *3
Mango Curry *3
Crunch & Cream *3
Creamy Coconut *3
Caramel Brulée in Milk *4
Mint Leaves *3

Lychee Truffle *4
Earl Grey Truffle *2
Classic Dark Truffle *2
Classic Milk Truffle *3
Classic White Truffle *4

Ganache Ganache

Hand Piped Truffles

Basic, True, Simple

What it lacks in uniformity is more than compensated for in its textural appeal.

This centers around the ganache from a single origin chocolate that is presented free-formed, soft and melting.

*5 points perceived sweetness rating.

Ghana Origin Milk Chocolate *3
Costa Rica Origin Dark Chocolate *1
Origin Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate *2


Bars & Buttons Bars & Buttons

Chocolate Bars

Character & Profile

Hand crafted bars of single origin chocolate presented pure or with inclusions.
Freshly made chocolate bars taste significantly different after a month.
For a degustation journey, sample our collection of ten single origin bars, some bars are bean-to-bar.
Custom flavor bars are available upon request with the minimum order of 2 bars.
*5 points perceived sweetness rating.

Raspberry, Coconut in White

Ghana Origin Dark with Cocoa Nibs

Milk Chocolate with Nibs (Ghana Origin)

Venezuela Origin Dark with Coconut

Costa Rica Origin Dark with Bananas

Bean to Bar Pahang Origin Dark

Bean to Bar Pahang Origin Dark with Cocoa Nibs

Madagascar Origin Dark with Sea Salt

Venezuela Origin 49% Milk Choc with Thyme

Madagascar Origin Milk Chocolate (Meadow Source)

Macarons Macarons

Brittles & Barks

Tasting is Believing

Our brittles are a pleasing combination of chocolate, nuts, dried fruits and flavor infusions.

Each piece is carefully hand crafted for presentation and to ensure generous distribution of nuts or dried fruits.

Flavors and offerings are purely seasonal.

6pc Box

The Six-Piece Box


Picnic with Cocoa


Coffee for Two

chocolate is the answer

Chocolate Concierge

Jason's Food Hall, BSC

012 528 2562


Contact Us

Do let us know how we can best serve you, or simply drop a line just to say "Hi".

We are operating in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


I can also be reached at ning@chocconcierge.com

Featured in

"Artisanal producers who dared to be different" The Star
"Meet the Rising Malaysian Chocolatier" The Edge
"Each bar is a representation of the village’s distinct terroir." First Classe
"... 'pushes envelope' to show off the origin of cocoa." Food Biz Asia
"... frankly quite delicious." Salt Asia
Grahames Chocolate Guide
Oriental Daily 東方日報
The Peak Publication
Focus Malaysia Business Weekly
"...purchased an entire farm to have complete control over its products from tree to bar." Michelin Guide
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